Something that makes one’s day easier,
but also more beautiful,
always makes us excited.

The focus of RFY design has always been everyday products you find in your own home, and how you can add value and good design to these items. Things we use each day can be so much more than just a tool or something boring, it can be beautiful and functional at the same time. We want to bring good ideas with good design out, so that all of us can enjoy a much more designed and easier life.

The company was established over 50 years ago in Japan. The company, while still working with many international designers, is still a very Japanese company. When we think of design, we always start with a Japanese mindset. Products needs to be attractive, but they should also be functional and space saving; characteristics so often found in Japanese design. That combination is what drives our search for new products and improvements. The company motto is “For a little happiness”. Together with great service, R.F.Yamakawa wishes to produce well-designed products of good quality, at a price that makes everybody able to enjoy them.



Showroom corridor Dakar 123 at Brussels Trade Mart
Open every last Monday of the month or on appointment

Atomiumsquare 1 bt 369
1020 Brussels – Belgium

You are welcome!