This is our story…

It’s the story of two brothers, united by their love for life and their passion for design.

2021 sees the launch of our brand and our first collection, which revisits an object from our everyday lives and often one of the first things that we hold in the morning: the humble mug. Our aim at Arthur&Gusti is to share with you those moments of contentment spent with friends, when helpless belly laughs bring you even closer together. Let’s pursue our dreams together, make the most of our happiness and keep broadening our horizons!

By introducing you to our new collection of Arthur&Gusti mugs, we’re spreading a message of love, good humour and the sheer joy of living.

Arthur&Gusti. For highlighting life’s special little moments!


Showroom corridor Dakar 114-115 at Brussels Trade Mart
Open every last Monday of the month or on appointment

Atomiumsquare 1 bt 369
1020 Brussels – Belgium

You are welcome!